Surgery Is Over!

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Maddie is out of surgery! Everything went well. Her surgeon was very pleased with what he found and with the repairs they did. I will try to post soon the details of the procedure. They are absolutely astounding.

We haven’t seen her yet. They need to get her settled into the ICU first. Most likely that will be within the hour. Just knowing that we can soon hold her sweet hand again is overwhelmingly joyful.

What an absolute relief to know that she is alright. I’m not even sure there are enough words to express it.

Thank you. Thank you all for your constant support. Your strength helped carry us.

Prayers were definitely answered today.

16 thoughts on “Surgery Is Over!”

  1. I have been waiting all day for this news. I’m so relieved to hear it all went well. Hugs to you and Maddie. xo

  2. So glad Jeannie! Give her a big hug from me, tell her (eventually) we were thinking of her all day. Love from all of us, Gina

  3. Maribeth Thomas is my daughter, she called and asked me to pray for Maddy as she underwent her surgery. We are rejoicing with you and your family for God answering hundreds of prayers for Maddy’s successful surgery and recovery. Prayers for you and your entire family as well! Soli de Gloria!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I am crying. I am so happy. What a relief, and I am just a random person who loves her dearly, not her mother. I can’t imagine how much emotional weight has been lifted!! Big hugs and continued prayers for you and your family and most especially Maddie. Love you all.

  5. My heart is overjoyed at this news, especially these words: “Her surgeon was very pleased with what he found and with the repairs they did. ”

    What a relief.

    What a miracle!

    Now praying for a speedy recovery for that precious, Maddie! I hope you have been able to see her and hold her hand and smother her in kisses!


  6. I just went to say my prayers and realized that I hadn’t heard how things had gone so I pulled up this blog. Gratitude will definitely be expressed for the success that was achieved today! Thank you for letting us participate in loving your family!

  7. Yay! So happy to hear such great news. We have been praying for you guys! Love and many hugs coming right at you! xo!

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