Heart Catheterization Successful

heart cath success

The surgeon just came up to tell us that Maddie’s heart cath went well. They were able to open up the fenestration and place a stent to prevent it from closing again. Only one clot was spotted in the Fontan circuit and it did not dislodge during the procedure.

This is very good news.

The pressure should now begin to decrease and the drainage should slow. But all this has set her back considerably. We are in this for the long haul. It will probably be another 3-4 weeks before she is fully recovered.

She hasn’t returned to the ICU yet. She’s getting a few more things done: her┬ámediastinal drainage (the tube you see in the middle of her chest) slowed enough to pull it out, and we requested that they place a PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) in since she’s going to be here for so long and she constantly “drops” IVs because of her small veins. (That way they don’t have to continually poke her to start a new IV, a very traumatic process for little kids.)

Thank you. Thank you all so much for your heartfelt prayers, love, and concern. We are so grateful to know that you are supporting us.

More updates to come…

11 thoughts on “Heart Catheterization Successful”

  1. Thank goodness for answered prayers and these tender mercies! I love this sweet picture of Maddie here. She seems to be feeling a little more comfortable.

    I am so glad you got the PICC line put in – what a blessing! That will definitely make things easier for her! And such wonderful news already that one of the drains was already able to be taken out.

    I hope everyone in your family gets some rest tonight! Thanks for all the updates!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I have tears of thanksgiving. My prayers continue but with a lighter heart.

  3. Glad the procedure was successful. Sighs of relief and prayers of gratitude are being expressed from our home for Maddie and your family! One more big hurdle this amazing girl conquered–we will pray for the stamina necessary to meet the path ahead

  4. Oh I am so glad to read this!! I am sad for Maddie that the recovery will be so much longer but glad the cath went well. Tell her I love her.

  5. Thank you for the updates it is all I can do to not call. I think about you guys all day every day. What an extraordinary little girl and she has equally extraordinary parents!

  6. Such good news this morning !! Try and rest today and I hope and will continue to pray for Maddie’s recovery…God is good and prayers were answered…

  7. Jeannie, thanks for putting up the posts so religiously and keeping us informed. It sometimes breaks my heart to see Maddie’s condition but am astounded daily by her courage. We are praying everyday for Maddie to come home soon….we truly hope and wish that this ordeal of pain gets over for her as soon as possible..

    With love and prayers in our hearts,
    Ira, Rumpi, Hari and Minnie

  8. My heart was so much lighter when I woke up and saw this update this morning! I immediately offered up thanks. I hope it’s been a more encouraging day today.

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