Fontan Recovery: Day 12

Yesterday, I was completely dejected.

Maddie is still tachycardic (in a JET rhythm), she may need a permanent pacemaker, is still draining quite a bit from her chest, and has been resistant to anything improving her mood. No toys, games, shows, movies, interactions, not anything has put even a smile on that girl’s face. In short, she was depressed and has been since she woke up from her surgery twelve days ago. It was almost as if she was choosing to be unhappy. Recovery has taken it’s toll on this silly, feisty girl.

Watching your child suffer from pain is unbearable. Watching your child sink into depression is almost worse.

And then a miracle happened. I came to the hospital today to switch Colin and as I pulled into the parking lot, he sent me this picture:

laughing again

Maddie was laughing. Not just a little either.

This image. This image brings me more joy than I can express! My prayers have been that she could find peace and comfort during this process. I feel like those prayers have been answered.

Today, I am grateful. I’m grateful for a nurse that could find ways to interact with Maddie to elicit smiles and laughter. I’m grateful for family members that visit and call regularly to cheer her up. I’m grateful for friends that support us in numerous ways. I’m grateful for a little girl who fights and doesn’t give up.

She’s still tachycardic. She’s still in the ICU. She still has a long way to go. But today I am focusing on the good.

And this smile is good enough for me.

6 thoughts on “Fontan Recovery: Day 12”

  1. Beautiful !! I love her smile and it seems she smiles with her entire being !! I hope and pray for a speedy recovery and that things will progress quickly and she can be moved out of ICU soon…and that she continues to smile!!

  2. You are such a wonderful, loving mom, Jeannie! And I know how much that mother’s heart of yours aches for your sweet little daughter right now. Thankfully, you have your strong, unwavering faith to sustain you through this SO difficult time, in addition to the support of friends and family who love Maddie, and YOU! Hang in there! So happy that you were uplifted by those beautiful smiles from Maddie. We continue to pray for her–and all of you–every day!

  3. Oh Bean, that is the most beautiful smile! I’m so happy she has been able to find a little joy. Hopefully that will get better and better everyday. They say laughter is the best medicine…hopefully this will help her physical health improve so she can leave the ICU.

    I’m SO sorry it has taken this long to see improvement. I am praying for Maddie and your family. It breaks my heart to see you guys in so much pain. I love you!!!! xoxo

  4. This picture makes my heart soar! I absolutely adore it! I hope these miracles and tender mercies from the Lord continue to rain down upon you, despite all the many unwanted complications you are still facing. We are praying for Maddie {praying that she won’t need a permanent pacemaker, that her drainage will let up and that she can find more reasons to laugh and be cheerful} and for YOU! I am praying that somehow you will be able to get the rest you need {insomnia is never fun!} so you can continue on with courage and strength!

    Love and happy, joyous thoughts to all of you!!


  5. This post made me cry! bodies heal better when your head is in a good place. Hopefully this happy attitude will help her body to do this amazingly hard work. Love you guys! Thinking and praying for you often!

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