Fontan Recovery: Pacemaker Implantation

Home at the ICU

Home at the ICU

It’s difficult for me to even write these words: Maddie is going back into surgery tomorrow morning. The cardiac team feels that her heart can no longer handle staying in the junctional (JET) rhythm. Her body just can’t seem to resolve it on its own. They’ve decided to go forward with implanting a permanent pacemaker.

Normally, this would involve placing the device in an incision below the breast, but since she has just had open heart surgery and her sternum is not yet fully healed they can re-break it and do a more thorough job of placing the leads with an open chest cavity. This process will make the connection more stable in her body. The device will be placed behind her abdominal muscles.

But the words “re-break the sternum…” They are just too harsh to accept right now. My heart hurts for this little girl who was just beginning to heal. I can’t bear the thought of her going through the nausea, the pain, the anger, the fatigue all over again as she recovers from the anesthesia and surgery.

The risk involved is lower than the last two procedures. I don’t worry as much about mortality. It’s her emotional well-being I fear will suffer. It’s the thought of her sinking into a depression again that made me cry at this news.

Again we are going forward in faith. Again we are asking for prayers and positive energy. Again we are putting our trust in God’s hands, hoping that He knows what’s best for this precious little girl.

11 thoughts on “Fontan Recovery: Pacemaker Implantation”

  1. I am so sorry, Jeannie. My heart aches for you and Maddie and your family. May the angels gather ’round you . . .

  2. Stay strong, Jeannie. With her heart stabilized and stronger, she will feel better and the recovery will be easier. Thinking of Maddie and you all the time. Much love coming your way from me.

  3. Loved seeing her smiling picture on your previous post. There will be many more of those! Praying for Maddie, you and the rest of your family. We made sure to put Maddie’s name on the prayer roll at the temple on Saturday (along with yours!!). xoxo….

  4. Dear Jeannie,

    I pray for strength for you and Maddie. It brings tears to our eyes even to imagine her pain but she will get through this. The pacemaker will solve lots of problems. Please hold on and try not to think about her falling into depression. We are all here for you and will do anything in our power to help her get out of feeling blue…

    With constant prayer and faith…
    Ira, Rumpi, Hari…

  5. Oh Bean, I am crying right there with you! I’m so sorry. Hopefully though this will allow her body to heal and help her out of the ICU! Love you guys so much…. xoxo

  6. My love and prayers are with you, your family and little strong Maddie. It is sad that she have to go trough this and star all over again with the recover, but, kids recover so fast and forgive things like that as they feel better. You are very faithful, loving and strong mom and that’s what Maddie needs. My prayers are with you….

  7. I’m so sorry, this has also brought tears to me. Trust in the Lord as you have and do and all will be made right. Prayers and prayers and love your way.

  8. I am so sorry for Maddie and for your family…Praying for you guys non stop. More miracles coming your way, I just know it! Love you guys….

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