Fontan Recovery: Pacemaker Surgery Over

Before surgery

The surgery is over. The pacemaker went in without problem. Colin and I were relieved to hear her determined wails down the hallway as we walked back to our room in the ICU to see her.

I will post more later about the details. For now, know that she is okay. Maddie is a brave, strong, wonderful girl. She reminds me every day what courage means.

Thank you all for your prayers and tears and words of encouragement. Your strength lifts us up.

8 thoughts on “Fontan Recovery: Pacemaker Surgery Over”

  1. This tender picture captures so many emotions, probably more emotions than I can possibly imagine!

    I am so relieved this surgery is over and that it went well. I hope and pray that *now* is finally the time for Maddie to make a full and speedy recovery with no more major setbacks along the way.

    Keep trusting in the Lord and His timetable. He will deliver. He always delivers.


  2. I thought about Joshua 1:9 when Maribeth sent us your latest post on Madeline. It says Be strong and courageous (and then comes the promise) for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
    Will continue prayers for all of you.

  3. What a sweet picture. Thanks for the continued updates as we send our thoughts, prayers, hugs, and tears to your family.

  4. Oh, Jeannie, words cannot express the tenderness of this photo. Hang in there. Continual prayers for Maddie and your family from the Stocks. Love you!

  5. Jeannie, you have that lovely little rod of steel strength that your grandmother had, tempered with the warmth and depth of your faith. Maddie is in the best of hands.

  6. It is good to hear that the implant went well. We are thinking of Maddie every day and pray for her full recovery.

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