Fontan Recovery: Out of the ICU!

I’m not quite sure how it happened but Maddie was moved to “the floor” this afternoon. Yesterday, they were talking about the drainage from her chest tubes continuing to be abnormally high and today she’s out of intensive care. Go figure. Colin was told this morning and by 2PM she was settled into her new digs.

The Floor

This is a lousy picture but you get the idea. A hospital room is a hospital room is a hospital room, in my opinion. Sure, this is the older wing of Children’s, so we’re missing our own mini fridge, the large windows with extra light streaming in, the hipster color scheme, the giant TV, the parent lounge with water and ice dispensers… maybe we should have held out a little longer! But at least we don’t have to share a room. Hooray for being in isolation! So what if it’s because she’s tested positive for MRSA? Have I mentioned that yet? This kid just can’t get a break.

Leaving the ICU feels so huge right now. It’s like we’re actually making progress! Every little step forward is one step closer to home.

It looks like this will be our residence for the next several weeks. We’re trying to make it feel more homey and pleasing to the eye. Many, many cute drawings from friends, family, and kids in Warren’s 3rd grade class will cover her walls to remind her that there are many people out there praying for her speedy recovery.

I believe that can still happen. The drainage has to stop. They’re restricting her fluid intake, altering her diet to low fat, and pumping her full of diuretics to dry her up. Our prayers continue to be that the fluid will stop draining and that she will find happiness and comfort despite her situation. Please join us.

We’re thankful for all of your kind words and love.

More details about the pacemaker surgery soon!

3 thoughts on “Fontan Recovery: Out of the ICU!”

  1. Congrats on the move. We’ll keep praying for the drainage and extra fluid to go away. I know Warren’s class pictures will brighten her day and his too. Love to you all….

  2. Congrats on upgrading to “the floor” …. but still, “several weeks” to go? That is a tough one to swallow. Here’s hoping and praying you will continue to see more miracles and the drainage will dry up more quickly than is expected!

    Happy Easter to you and your family! Truly the Lord lives and He *will* deliver!


  3. Congrats on moving to “the floor”! We know the huge step this is. What a wonderful Easter blessing for your family. Our thoughts and prayers will continue with your family through the very long process of recovery.

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