Fontan Recovery: Day 27

Breakfast in the sunlight

Maddie’s chest x-ray came back indicating that, though there is some fluid in the left pleural cavity, overall she is well! No tube reinsertion needed! Another miracle.

Today she enjoys her breakfast in the warm sunlight with only one chest tube remaining.

As always, we are so very thankful for your kind words and faithful prayers.

(Her room is overflowing with drawings, toys, and cards from so many family members and friends. So much cheer for a little girl missing those she loves. We can’t thank you enough.)

4 thoughts on “Fontan Recovery: Day 27”

  1. Tender mercies and answers to prayers! This journey you are on is nurturing my own testimony on a daily basis. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it!

    I am so glad she is down to one tube. I hope the last one comes out soon {and doesn’t burst out on its own!!!} and that the fluid in her cavity dries up and doesn’t cause any problems!

    Enjoy the sunshine! It is healing and so good for the soul!


  2. I know it seems like an eternity since you have had a normal life. I know what that is like. But you have rounded that last curve and can see the finish line—I know it. You will all be under one roof soon 🙂

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