Transplant Recovery: Day 1

Brave girl

The surgery went well. Better than expected, actually. What we were dreading would be a complicated transplant with excessive bleeding was straightforward and relatively smooth. From the first incision at 5:10PM to when they closed her up at 1AM, everything went as planned. Another incredible blessing to witness.

And there are many blessings that I want to share with you but I am utterly, completely, so profoundly exhausted, as is Colin. They will have to wait a bit to be told.

Right now, know that she is well. She is peacefully sleeping under heavy sedation while the breathing tube gives her minimal support. All of her numbers and vitals are looking good. They’ll begin the immune suppression this afternoon. Everyone is pleased with her current state. They will keep her intubated at least through tomorrow so that she can rest as much as possible.

Again, please excuse the graphic picture but this is Maddie, full of fight and always, always amazing us.

In the ICU after Transplant

A few times she has woken up, disoriented and scared, her wide eyes full of tears and searching for understanding. Her silent cries blocked by the ventilation tube cut to my soul. My hand touches hers and I tell her she’s amazing and that Dad and I are here by her side, not going anywhere. Her brothers are proud of her. So, so many are praying for her, for us. She falls back into deep, healing rest. Her precious adopted heart beats strongly on.

The first hurdle is down. It’s over faster than we ever could have imagined possible. We are astounded. Completely. And so truly grateful.

But we have just begun on this long, trying journey. There are days and weeks and months ahead of challenges and triumphs. Right now though, I am staring at the face of my angel girl, seeing once again her resilience and bravery. One step at a time. One moment at a time.

At the end of this Christmas season, as we’ve focused on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, and have witnessed our own Christmas Miracle, we cannot help but see how it is through His love and sacrifice that we are able to endure.

Thank you all for standing with us. Thank you for your prayers and love. We have felt them sustain us. We know we are not alone.

4 thoughts on “Transplant Recovery: Day 1”

  1. God is good.

    The first picture you have on here, the one of sweet Maddie’s hand, stirs so many emotions in my heart. What a brave warrior she is … and so are you and Colin. I can’t even being to imagine how you have made these life altering decisions. I am grateful the Lord has been by your side and that angels have encircled you to give you strength and power beyond your own.


  2. This transplant instills such immense hope for all of us seeing Maddie go through this ordeal. I told Ira about how she will probably never have to suffer so much as she’s done in the past and she is ecstatic about that possibility!! We are too. There’s not enough space for filling in the Amount of love we’re sending across to her. She truly is the epitome of strength. Trucks full of love and hugs to you all, you guys are amazing!! Come home soon Maddie…

  3. Lisa C. passed on your blog and story to me as we have much in common…we too have a 6 year old daughter Maddie, born with HRHS, she’s Post-Fontan and also a patient at SCH. Though we are not transplant, we know this heart world too well and our thoughts and prayers are with you as you begin down a new road with transplant.

    Congratulations that Maddie was able to receive a heart so quickly! I’m sure you’re still processing it all…what a rollercoaster. Your daughter sounds very strong and determined…traits ours shares too ????

    We pray that you continue to see His plan in all of the details in the days ahead. What an amazing gift…praying your Maddie is feeling better each day and this recovery will be a steady and smooth one.

    Tell your mom (Pam) hello from me, I had the opportunity of working with her years ago when I was a student teacher in 3rd grade. I still use her Cowboy Cookies recipe to this day!

    Our love, well wishes and prayers,
    Katie Allred
    (Bryan, Maddie and the boys)
    Royal City

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