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Squish, Splatter, and Roll

Maddie loves to do art. She can sit for long periods of time and color, draw, cut paper… these are skills that saved us on recent trips on the plane and in the car.

Our community has several preschool age classes that are offered through the City College for a nominal fee. My friend, Gina, has been taking her daughter, Sacha, to this particular class for some time and invited us to join them. I knew Maddie would have a great time with all the paint, playdough, and other messy media I’m always hesitant to pull out at home so I signed her up.

She loves it! It’s so fun to see her move from project to project enjoying each task. And true to her independent self, she wants to do all of it on her own. And usually she can. She’s such a big girl now. When she sits down at those little tables on one of those little chairs to work on a project she just seems so grown up.

Here is her very first, official painting. I forgot to ask her what the blue mass is but you know art can be interpreted so many ways. I’ll let you speculate on its meaning.

The class structure is great because Teacher Bonnie, with loooooooooong strawberry blonde hair, sets up several stations inside but still gives the kids opportunities to venture outside to do finger painting in shaving cream or just climb out on the playground equipment. Maddie always prefers to mix a little playground work with her art work.

I love that she has something of her very own to do. She’s excited every Wednesday to tell Renny that she is going to her class. She gets to take a snack with her and everything. She’s hit the big time now.

Kindergarten hardly seems far away at this point. *Sigh*

Summer To Do List

Someday, I hope to prepare something like Julianna made for their summer activities list:


Darling, no? Or maybe have a giant chalk board with a huge list and adorable decor like this family’s. But, for now, I’ll just be glad we got around to writing it down.

I love that we now have at least one kid who is old enough to contribute. Sure, they’re not lofty goals and they are a bit Warren-centric, but I think we can include everyone in most activities. Maddie was most excited about eating popsicles and Jake and Joe will definitely enjoy feeding the ducks. Something for everyone on this list.

It’s going to be a great vacation.


What are you planning for the summer?

Fiber Arts Show

Warren’s school is deeply committed to the arts. Several of his class projects have included designing and creating pieces of art that are actually quite attractive. In fact, I mean to frame them and hang in them in our home.

During the year they have also learned about fiber arts. They recently made felted balls and finger knitted pieces to create a sunflower. All were put on display at our local library. It was his first contribution to an art show.

We took pictures of the displays. He was a proud artist indeed.


Once the art show was finished, the children took home their work. As soon as the items were placed in his hand he turned them into weapons. A felted “bomb” and a sunflower “shield”  which he promptly used on his friend, Gio. Ah, boys.


Super Saturday

The Relief Society organization in our ward (church congregation) has, for the last few years, prepared a day’s worth of craft activities and uplifting classes for all of the women to enjoy. One “Super Saturday” devoted to improving talents and strengthening faith.

The day started at 10AM with an inspiring talk on making the choice to be happy no matter your circumstance. Other classes and workshops I attended were: glass etching, hair accessory making, soap making, and matte decorating, with pictures of the Savior to frame “The Living Christ” document. Lunch was even provided. A fantastic (and nearly free!) mini women’s conference.

However, as far as productivity goes, this Super Saturday was not my day. My incredible husband took all four babies so that I could attend all five hours, and for that I am grateful. But I left almost empty-handed. I only completed one project, the matte decorating:


Everything else I had signed up to create was a bust. The etching class involved stenciling your last name on the bottom of a clear 9×13 casserole dish so that it would never again be confused with another’s lasagna pan. But for some reason (most likely the age of the dish), even after two attempts, the glass would not etch and I walked away with a nameless pan. Lesson learned: use a new pyrex dish for glass etching, not a 12-year-old one like I did.

And even though I got all my felt pieces cut out in petals to make my flower hair clip, I left the classroom with only one stitch sewn out of the 18 that were required to complete the assembly. No cute hair accessory to wear to church the next day for me. Lesson learned: don’t spend too much time gabbing (or finishing your dessert from the lunch buffet) if you want to walk away with a finished product.

But, despite my obvious craftiness inferiority, I am still glad I went. If nothing else, it was nice to get out of the house for awhile and visit with friends. I love the ladies that surround me each Sunday.


Tie Dye Kids

My good friend, Kaitlin, is incredibly talented at tie-dying just about anything. And she is so generous with her creations. We’ve been the lucky recipients of shirts, onsies, and even crib sheets.

Because she is so sweet, she made shirts for all four kids; matching ones for Jake and Joey, of course. They look adorable in them.


Warren’s Kindergarten class recently utilized her know-how to create their own tie dye clothing. (Her son, Gio, is Warren’s best buddy in the class.) His finished product turned out eye-poppingly amazing. Blue is his color.



Thanks, Kaity!

Homemade Rocket


When Grandma Tuki came to visit, she went with Warren to his Kindergarten class. During the morning Circle Time sharing, Warren’s classmate displayed a homemade rocket. Warren just had to replicate the design. Thankfully, Tuki was nice enough to supply the parts. Unfortunately, she had to fly home before they could create it.

It took a whole week for us to find the time to assemble it but we finally constructed a rocket that could actually fly across the room. Pretty good for foam!

Warren was pleased as punch. Thanks, Grandma Tuki!

Graffiti Artist?

We have a plethora of sidewalk chalk that litters our backyard. Besides using it on the ground, Warren often takes pieces and makes designs on the fence outside our kitchen door. It usually washes out during a rainstorm, so I don’t think much of it.

Maddie never took interest in the stuff before, but she’s clearly been observing the process. She picked up a piece and made her own artistic statement.


But this particular medium may prove problematic. Later I found her scribbling on both the kitchen and garage doors. The color remains even after a good Clorox Clean-Up scrubbing.

A budding graffiti artist? She seemed to take a little too much pleasure in defacing the fence.

And I just love her in these little shoes. I didn’t want to forget such tiny feet in such tiny pink sneakers.


A Tree of Thanks


We have an abundance of things to be thankful for this year. Sure, we have a rat rotting in our bathroom wall, but so many other things in life are great blessings I don’t want to take for granted.

For Family Home Evening we made a Thankful Tree with leaves describing things we are thankful for right now. A small way to remember what is good in our lives.

I cut out all the leaves using this maple leaf pattern and modeled the tree design after this one. Warren was more than happy to gather a few sticks (one of his favorite pastimes) for the project.


We wrote down as many things as we could think of– everything from family, to the Savior, to school buses (Warren’s contribution).

Every time I look at this little tree I am mindful of the great things that make our lives so full.