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Shay and Dan’s Wedding

Jenna Cole Photography
Jenna Cole Photography

One of the main reasons we headed up to Washington was to see the temple sealing of Shay and Dan. What a joyful, but hot (100+ degrees), day! Being in the temple with family was wonderful and the reception later that evening was just lovely.

It’s amazing to think that Shay was just a kid at our wedding (why am I voluntarily dating myself so?) and now she’s a beautiful bride– just as her sister, Jenna, became last fall which we were sad to miss.

The wedding took place at the Columbia River Temple. The very temple where Warren was sealed to us almost 4 years ago exactly. We were so happy to bring him back there to show him where he became eternally ours. We can’t wait for the opportunity to do that with Maddie.

Happy marriage, Shay and Dan!

And thanks again to Christy for watching our unruly children while we attended the sealing!


Another birthday has come and gone. How did I get to be this age?

It was a pretty uneventful day. Life goes on when you’re an adult. I had many birthday wishes and some thoughtful gifts, which I greatly appreciated. And I loved being with friends at the beach for a BBQ and chocolate cake. But “queen for the day” does not exist when you still have to change poopy diapers or deal with the misunderstandings of life.

I”m grateful to be alive, though. And I’m grateful for good friends and family.

“One year older and wiser, too.” Done with the first part… working on the second part, still.

Jesusita Fire

Photo courtesy of Diana Haskins
Photo courtesy of D. Haskins

We are not in danger. At least, not as of this evening. But it doesn’t look like the Jesusita Fire will reach our neighborhood. Google has provided a nice little map of the evacuation area, which is about 10 miles from where we live. We are safe as long as the winds don’t turn, especially since the Gap Fire from last July burned most of the fuel on the mountain side near us.

But this fire is extremely devastating. We really feel for those whose homes are already burning.

Birthday Party at RMH


Just because we were away from home and most of Renny’s friends didn’t mean that we wouldn’t party on his birthday (well, the Saturday after it). So party we did at the Ronald McDonald House!

We invited some friends that lived (relatively) close to the area and took advantage of a pretty backyard setting and some fancy BBQ grills. Much better facilities than what we would have had at our place, that’s for sure!

Thanks Danny, Julianna, Seth, Laura, and Ryan and Sarah, Paul, Grace, and Camille for spending a very warm afternoon with us. We loved celebrating Warren’s birthday with you!

On Turning Four


It’s hard to believe he’s actually four years old. He’s not a baby anymore. He’s not even a toddler. He’s a full-fledged kid. And we love it.

This birthday was a little wacky, to be sure. We were away from home and family and friends. But that didn’t stop the cards, presents, and well-wishes from reaching this special guy on his big day.

Oh, Warren. What was our life like before you? We barely remember. We’re just glad that you are a part of it forever.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

President Obama

I’m glad that I live in this day to witness such an historic event. It’s time for our country to unify. May that happen under his leadership.

Women at the Well


Some time this summer I had the idea to present the production of Women at the Well to our ward, which later became to our stake. What was I thinking? Right before Christmas?!

Yes, it was crazy, and yes, I didn’t get my Christmas cards out in a timely manner but this production accomplished what I had hoped for way back in the summer: I felt the spirit of Christmas, and I think everyone else did, too.

What an amazing amount of talent we have in our midst. I love all of these women! Many, MANY thanks to all that were involved in making this event a spiritual experience. It was beautiful because of you.