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Tagged: 7 Quirky Things About Me

Truth be told, I’m not one for these sorts of things. I believe they are the “Fwd:” of the blogging world. However, I really do enjoy reading what other people are interested in, or have done, or find quirky. And since this blog is a journal of sorts for posterity’s sake, I thought I’d share some little insights into my personality.

Tagged by – Jamie K.

  1. Though I don’t always realize it, I’ve been told that I adapt my speaking style to copy whoever I’m talking to at the moment. Colin calls me a voice chameleon.
  2. This is perhaps more boring than quirky, but I floss my teeth the same way every night: bottom left to right, then top left to right.
  3. Every day, in the shower, I make what Colin likes to call a “hair monster” on the wall: I take all of the hair that has come out as I’ve run my fingers through while washing and conditioning and stick it to the tile so that it doesn’t go down the drain. (Why am I growing my hair out again???)
  4. I’ve tried and tried to change, but I can’t stand drinking the leftover milk in my cereal bowl, so I make sure I pour only enough to cover the goods.
  5. Which probably stems from my next quirk which is that I don’t like little floating things in my drinks. Therefore, I’m not “a dipper” as we say in our household (no cookie dunking for me), but “a sipper” whereby I can enjoy a smooth, chunk-free liquid. Consequently, I always buy pulp-free orange juice, sans “ickys” as I’ve always called them.
  6. Almost without fail I eat Oreo cookies whole. Who needs the extra work of separating them?
  7. Lastly–and this is a controversial one, folks– I prefer actual plays to musicals when going to the theater. Sure, I think the songs are clever and fun to sing along to, but I’d much rather see “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” than “Wicked.” I know, I’m edgy.

And now I’m required to commit others to divulging their quirks:

I tag Denita, Andrea, Ashley, Lee, and Katie.

(Please feel free to ignore, if desired.)