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Surgery at Last!

Today it finally happened. And why not? It was St. Patrick’s Day– the luckiest day of the year!

Everything went well. Better than expected, actually. They were able to repair the problem they found during the testing here and also complete the necessary second stage of the reconstruction to correct her condition. We didn’t think her body would be ready for that during this surgery. What a miracle that we won’t have to wait until the summer after all.

Our little girl is now in the ICU recovering from a life saving operation. Literally, she could not have survived without it. We are so very, very grateful for modern medicine.

Our prayers were answered. We are beyond grateful. We were comforted through this long day and at the end, we got to see our sweet baby alive and recovering well. How truly blessed we are.

Again, thank you all for your help and support. A special thanks to Paul and Sarah for watching Renny this day so that he could play at the park and enjoy being a kid… instead of pacing the floor as we did. What wonderful friends you are! We’re so grateful to know you.

Editor’s note: We’re sorry that we can’t be more specific about her condition on this blog. We’re still required to maintain confidentiality until the adoption is finalized. If you want to know the specifics please email me.

Roller Coaster

And I’m not talking about the loop-d-loop ride at the carnival. For the last week we have been waiting for Maddie’s surgery to happen. First it was Thursday morning. Then it was Friday afternoon. Today, we were told it would be tomorrow. Oh, how I long to believe it were true!

It has been emotionally draining to believe that our 3-month-old baby would be undergoing major surgery that moment only to have them turn her away at the pre-op doors. Twice. We are at an extremely busy hospital. Kids are being flown in from all over the southern part of the state. Emergencies have twice preempted her critical need. I can only imagine how the parents of those children are feeling now.

Prepping her body for such an ordeal is awful. There are IVs and blood tests and multiple screenings, not to mention the “NPO” fasting status the midnight before. No infant should have to endure such pains! But I cannot get over how tough this little girl is. Despite these conditions she continues to smile and melt the hearts of all those she meets.

And so I go to sleep tonight thinking that my sweet, angel girl will finally get the operation she desperately needs. But I don’t know.

What I do know is that our prayers for her well-being are heard. Every one. And to those of you who have also prayed for her and for us: Thank you. We feel strengthened. How kind to receive so many calls and emails and blog comments from you who care so much about our little family. We also can’t thank enough our great friends (family, really), Julianna and Danny, for caring for Renny during this time. You are incredible. We are so grateful for the love and support of our dear family and friends.

The Path Unknown

Madeline has a very complex medical condition. It is never going to go away. In fact, it is quite serious.

Why would we willingly take such a baby? Because we received personal revelation from Heavenly Father that we should.

We are now at the hospital, far away from home, waiting to hear what steps the doctors are planning to take to correct some of her complications. Surgery is most likely going to happen within the next few days. Though not unexpected for us, it has happened sooner than we anticipated.

We thought long and hard, prayed heavily and sincerely, and weighed many options before bringing Maddie into our family. Despite understanding that the path would be unknown we felt very peaceful deciding to adopt her.

Truly, we love her already. She is a part of our family. No matter what happens–how the path may turn– we are grateful that we felt impressed to care for this child. It is comforting to know that we received that answer to bring her into our lives from our loving and all-knowing Father.

He knows the outcome. I will trust in that.


TreeMendous Big Brother

Warren is so proud to be a big brother. He’s had over a year and a half to get used to the idea. Now that Maddie is here he looks for every opportunity to be next to her, to hold her hand, to make her laugh. What joy seeing your babies get along brings!

But my good friend Christy was wise in thinking that even with his excitement he might become a tad weary of all the doting and gift bearing that would come with a new baby sister. And while she made one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen for Maddie:

Maddie's quilt by Christy P.

She included this specially made T-shirt just for Renny:


Because he’s a TREEmendous big brother!

I told him that a package was coming for Maddie and that there might be something in it for him, as well. He couldn’t have been more excited! When it finally came we ripped it open to find his new shirt. He put it on immediately. He has barely worn anything else since.

The truth of that was evident when he sat on my lap and stated, “Mama. My shirt smells like butter!” After about 4 days straight I absolutely agreed.

The Sleeping House

Adding Maddie to our family happened in a whirlwind. So much so that we weren’t even finished becoming licensed foster care providers. Luckily for us the State of California, with all of its bureaucracy, allowed us to be with her during the day even though she wasn’t able to be in our care at night. We’d have to wait for the fingerprinting and criminal background checks to clear before we could get the OK to officially bring her home. As you can imagine, there is no time frame for such a process. They get to it when they get to it.

But there’s a solution to every problem. ANGELS worked out an arrangement that allowed her to be with us all day long while a respite care family took her overnight. So, we’ve been able to bond with her and help her get accustomed to our family and home even though we’ve had to take her back to “the sleeping house” at night. The silver lining is we get the “day shift” and can feel more rested after a normal night’s sleep where we’d otherwise have to get up multiple times. That said, we’d rather just have her with us all the time. Every day gets harder to let her go.

Though we wouldn’t choose this situation, we are so grateful for this kind family that would help our little girl by caring for her during the most difficult “shift.”

The Blessing of ANGELS

We are pleased to announce that our family has grown! We welcomed a baby girl (3 months old) into our home and are currently on the track toward adoption. We will be calling her Madeline– Maddie, for short.

As the adoption has not yet been finalized, we’re still required to maintain confidentiality about many of the details. So, we will not be providing too much information over public media. That means no pictures at this time either. Rest assured, as soon as we are able we’ll plaster as many photos of her as we can on this blog!

How did this happen so fast, you may ask. As mentioned before, we have been waiting so long for Maddie to join our family. Little was happening. Last month we decided that we needed to look for other options for adoption. We realized that there were many babies in need in the foster care system here. We prayed and decided that a local foster care agency called Angels of Santa Barbara was the right fit for our family.

No sooner had we completed the initial paper work for the agency than this darling little girl entered our lives. We were asked if we would be willing to foster her with the hopes of adoption. We could hardly consider otherwise.

There are some health complications that are significant. But after sincere fasting, pondering, and prayer we knew she was one we shouldn’t pass up. In time, we’ll post more about her condition. But for now, know that the concern is overshadowed by the joy that comes with caring for this sweet spirit. She is definitely meant to be with our family. All three of us are positively in love.