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If I Could Just Find a Vanilla Coke…

I heart Vanilla CokeCall it a vice, but some days I really crave a vanilla coke. And this is coming from a girl who doesn’t usually drink soda! I’m not really much of a sweet-tooth, in general. But there’s something about that flavor that really does it for me, ya know?

For some reason, they don’t market it anymore. There was some kind of revival a couple of years ago, just to get me thinking about it again, and then poof– goodbye, soda!

I see other people with their Diet Coke or even Cherry Coke and feel a little envious. Sure, it’s probably better for my health that it no longer exists in the free world but I could restrain myself from daily consumption. I just want a little fix now and then, OK?

When I’m stressed (like right now), or a little down (me again), or completely exhausted (um, yep!) I long for a bowl of popcorn and a glass filled with crunchy ice cubes and the tasty, vanilla-flavored liquid that is known to de-grease bicycle chains. Ah, refreshing!

The Habit

Every Monday night, as part of Family Home Evening, Colin and I reconcile our money transactions on our computer. It’s really helped us stick close to our budget.

I think most of you know of my french fries obsession and overall love of all things fried. I thought that this addiction was fairly under control until Quicken prompted us with this message the other night:

“Do you want to schedule these?”

If you are at all familiar with computerized money management programs, then you’ll recognize that these handy applications will indeed suggest creating a routine payment schedule for merchants or bills that are regular transactions.

The only item on the list: The Habit

Um, yeah… The habit, indeed.

Pepé Le Pew


Gah! For the last THREE days I have woken up to, and gone to sleep with, the smell of one of these little buggers seeping, seeping into my home. For those of you who may not have had the opportunity to get a whiff of a skunk’s finest, rest assured they stink! Horribly. Like, lingers in your nasal cavity stinky. Like, spreads out at great distances putrid. It’s somewhere between burnt coffee and old, rotting cabbage smelly.

Now, I’m an animal lover. Really, I am. It does make me sad to know that the poor little creatures (cute, overall) become atomic stink bombs only as a last-ditch effort to save themselves from the speeding car. But WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY HERE IN TOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Who are their natural predators and where are they?? Santa Barbara may be a little piece of paradise on earth, but I gotta admit, paradise kind of reeks.