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Mischief Managed

When Jake and Joe came to our family, people gasped at the idea of caring for two babies at the same time. TWINS! They could hardly comprehend how I could manage. Strangers would stop us on the street to say how darling they were but, oh my, how difficult it must be. I’d smile and say it was fine. And it was. Having two babies, though admittedly extra work, is not that hard.

Twin toddlers, on the other hand, is an entirely different story.

At 21 months and fully mobile, they get into absolutely, completely, and totally everything. Let me repeat that, in case I wasn’t clear: E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!¬†There are not enough font manipulations to emphasize this message. Blinking lights could not express how widespread their mischief can be. With rabid curiosity and little fear, there is not much stopping them. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep these boys from getting to anything.

If you leave them alone for 30 seconds they can: grab the cup you left on the dining table, and dump its remaining contents… take the pencil from the table top and begin drawing on the wall… yank the entire plastic container of apples from Costco down from the counter… pull out close to 20 cds and open their cases… run halfway down the driveway… dig through the garbage can and eat it’s contents… Sometimes, they can do them all, one right after the other! No cord, electronic device, candle (unlit, of course), or exposed food is safe.

This is in stark contrast to my older two. Warren, most likely because he was the first, was as cautious as you could get. We didn’t even put child locks on the cabinets since he never explored them. Even Maddie’s curiosity and sneakiness has been no match for the two J’s.

They are working me.

I have no doubt they are in cahoots. And why not since they have a built-in buddy to encourage and assist the other. Perfect partners in crime. Besides recent examples during my showers, I have photographic evidence of this fact.

Pirate Booty all over the floor after pulling the (not so empty) bag out of the garbage can.

Climbing on the dining table.

Climbing on the coffee table.

Climbing on the LEGO table.

Digging in the potting soil. (Thanks for capturing this one, Tami.)

Trying to climb out of their high chairs.

And the most frightening of all, learning to turn the doorknob.

But we’ve made some adjustments to try and curb their destruction. Turning the coffee table upside down. Putting the buckles on their high chairs. Sealing off the kitchen with baby gates. Extra child doorknob covers on the front and garage doors.

That should hold them for about a week…

It’s a good thing they are so adorable and so easygoing in every other way.